Ahhh, the glorious weekend is upon us. What are your plans for the weekend? I’m still thinking about my rent situation and itching to move. But you know how I feel about this. So this weekend, I’m going to re-examine my apartment and find ways to improve what I’ve got. Play up my studio’s best assets, as she’s got LOTS of them.

This whole “huzzah, let’s organize!” came after seeing Jacqueline Rousseau‘s gorgeous studio from Apartment Therapy. Apartment Therapy is an amazing gold mine full of great ideas / tips when it comes to decorating and organizing. I love all the house tours they do, but Jacqueline’s West Village studio is simply the best. Look at the photos!!! I’d be so happy to come home to this gem.


Her studio encompasses the look I want to execute in my own apartment: bright, simple, clean and minimalistic. I love it so much I almost want to get rid of my TV, gigantic couch and dresser that I’ve never had the nerve to exile.


And I love how well she tackled her kitchen. Super clean, organized and uncluttered. I am still unsure how to decorate my oddly shaped kitchen. Like an awkward teenager who has not yet blossomed, my kitchen is just a room with no personality but showing so much potential. Thank you Apartment Therapy and Jacqueline for inspiring me to give my kitchen a personality.

Well Container Store, Ikea and Target, here I come. Hope you are all fully stocked as I am ready to buy the entire store! Anyone else doing some spring cleaning and reorganizing?

Have a great weekend you beautiful souls!

– joody

(Photos are all via the amazing Apartment Therapy. Can never get enough of them!)


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