I heard a really good advice yesterday while visiting my account rep over at Facebook. She told me that when I look for a place to move, I should find a place that’s the max of what I can pay. I hate using emoticons, but my face was (o.0) when she told me that. Why on earth would I want to feel broke after I pay my rent? It’s not like I JUST got out of school and don’t know any better. But her logic made perfect sense. Read on, my friends.

Many of the apartments in San Francisco are rent controlled. So that means it won’t increase year after year. But you know what will increase year over year? Your salary. That’s right. Because you are all fabulous, smart, intelligent and driven individuals, your salary will increase every year. Yes, the first year in your amazingly gorgeous pad will be pure torture. But it’ll get better and better every year and you’ll actually have a home you can grow into!


I’m currently stuck in a lovely studio apartment in the Marina that I rented when I first moved to SF many moons ago. It’s rent controlled and now pretty darn affordable. But now that I am getting older, the grown-up me needs a grown-up apartment, not a little studio.

So what’s keeping me from moving? Well, the fact that I hate moving, my rent is cheap and given the astronomically foolish rent prices in SF, I’d rather stay put. Does anyone have any leads on apartments that’ll come open in SF soon?


So for now, I keep trying to maximize the small space I have and learn how to live with a few things. If that doesn’t work, I spend countless hours on Pinterestย decorating my imaginary dream home.

How about you? What’s the best advice you’ve received on renting / finding your apartment?

– joody

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3 thoughts on “ADVICE ON RENT

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