How was your weekend? I spent most of it prepping for the week ahead and also looking through all the pictures Otto and I took this month. To kick off the last week of February right, I thought I’d share photos of one of my FAVORITE store in Portland,Β Noun!

For those of us living in SF, it’s a store much like the store Therapy. Except it’s Therapy + vintage/antique items. They sell cards, posters, jewelry but also vintage frames, trays and other one-of-a-kind items every hipster abode must have. Look at the cool water vase! (And yes, we bought one and love using it!)


One of the things I want to copy and re-create in my apartment is their wall of posters. See how they arranged framed and non-framed posters together? Genius! Am I the only one who has not been mixing framed and non-framed photos together?!

If you are also on the hunt for some cool unique jewelry, Noun will have just the thing.


If you are ever out in Portland, you have to stop by and check out the store yourself. But don’t forget to bring an empty suitcase and allot extra time!

– joody

(photos all by joody + otto)

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