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What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Otto and I will be heading out for a trip to Portland! Portland has been one of the cities I wanted to visit and I’m so excited we’ll be heading out there on Thursday night. Also, I took the BuzzFeed quiz on what city I should actually live in and got Portland. So I am really excited to see what the city has to offer. Perhaps I move there? Ha!

During the trip, we are going to finally unplug and relax! We’ve both been swamped over the holidays (yes, holidays as in Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years) so didn’t really get a chance to relax and ring in the new year. We are about two months late so definitely looking forward to unplugging and spending some wholesome quality time together.

I’ve made a list of stores and shops to visit. Otto, of course, has put together a list of restaurants and bars to try out. While we are in Portland, we’ll be taking a quick trip to Oregon’s wine country. We are staying at The Allison for the night. Clearly,Β we’ve got a big getaway planned.

Let us know what other spots we need to visit. Hop on over to instagram as we’ll share our outrageous photos there :)

– joody

map via designsponge | canoe photo via kinfolk | tasty n sons photo via kinfolk | the allison inn photo via hotel

4 thoughts on “PORTLAND CALLING

    • Thanks for the tip! We were actually in wine country so wasn’t able to stop by. How was the show? I’m sure it was a smash hit. :)

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