de Young Cafe


I’ve found the best place to sneak away for a classy and sophisticated lunch. One where you’d sit by the floor to ceiling window (perhaps dressed like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s) and watch people stroll by as you soak in the moment.  Classy, no? That place is de Young Cafe.

This cafe was truly a happy accident. I went in for a quick snack but ended up having a delicious meal. It was truly a surprise! To be frank, when was the last time you had great food at a cafe in a museum?


de Young Cafe changed my world! The cafe is operated by the famous McCall Catering Company here in the city. Not only is the service top-notch (special shout out to Maury), but the food is also delicious and affordable. Jackpot!

We started with the Strawberry Gazpacho soup. It was tangy and delicious. The English Pea Bruschetta, Meatballs and the Flourless Chocolate Cake were all exceptional. I highly recommend that you finish your meal off with the Flourless Chocolate Cake and a cappuccino. I’m still dreaming of it.


Speaking of things I’m dreaming of… the salmon salad!

Whether you are at the de Young Museum or just hanging around the Golden Gate Park, stop by the cafe. You will not be disappointed.

– joody

5 thoughts on “de Young Cafe

  1. I’ve been wanting to go there! There is free swing dancing right outside the museum on Sundays, so I’ll check it out this weekend if I can.
    Speaking of checking things out, if you are ever in need of a food/dessert/lunch/brunch/coffee buddy, I would love to tag along :)

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