have a great weekend!


Happy Friday! Can you believe it’s already here?! This is my last weekend before I head out to Montreal for a quick vacay so A LOT of stuff to take care of.

What are your plans for the weekend? I am excited to go back to Alemany Farmers’ Market and get more produce for the coming week.

Enough about me. Here are some links to explore over the weekend:

WATCH – I saw Meg Jay’s talk on TedTalk about how twenties is NOT the new thirties. Being in my mid-twenties, her speech hit close to home. Watch this and do some BIG THINKING this weekend!

READ – I was SO moved by Meg Jay’s talk that I purchased her book, The Defining Decade. Can’t wait to read the book over some hot lemon water!

LISTEN – Miley’s We Can’t Stop in vintage 1950’s style by Postmodern Jukebox. They are AMAZING. Seriously.

REDECORATE – Gosh, I just LOVE Joy of Oh Joy‘s new studio space! Read and see all the pics over at the talented Interior Designer Emily Henderson‘s blog! I wish I had a studio space like hers!

Annnnddd lastly, here is this weekend’s mantra. Have a good one!!


– Joody

(Quote photo credit Smartphones Wallpaper)

4 thoughts on “have a great weekend!

  1. Hope you have/had fun in Montreal!

    That Ted Talk was really interesting, wasn’t it? I feel sometimes people can go the opposite route and marry too young (often for the same reasons she mentions- that’s who they happen to be in a relationship with, rather than looking if that person is right for them) but it seems very, very on. Got me thinking too!

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