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My new favorite: Alemany Farmers’ Market


Last weekend, I went to Alemany Farmers’ Market here in SF. Did you know that Alemany was actually the FIRST farmers’ market in California?! I always thought it was the one in Ferry Building. Crazy!

I LOVE Alemany Farmers’ Market. They had more vendors, more stuff AND was cheaper than the one in Ferry Building. Need I say more?


While I still love the one in Ferry Building, I’ll be making Alemany my weekend go to spot. After about 30 minutes of shopping, we walked away with two LARGE reusable bags FULL of vegetables and fruits.

What are your plans for the weekend? May I suggest a trip to Alemany Farmers’ Market?

- joody


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Author: joody

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7 thoughts on “My new favorite: Alemany Farmers’ Market

  1. Those sunflowers are GORGEOUS! I always want fresh flowers but after the cat ate a lily incident (=48hour intensive care vet) they’re banned from my house.

  2. Lovely. I love the farmers market.

  3. I hear the Alemany Farmer’s Market is also better priced than the Ferry Building one, but I haven’t been to the Alemany one yet. How’s the quality compare?

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