{ food } : how salumeria will save your valentine’s day

welcome to salumeria

Guys, how’s your Valentine’s day planning coming along? I know it’s unfair for us, girls, to put so much pressure on a day. So here’s a little tip for those of you still looking for a way to make this day special. I do want to be honest and say I’m not a fan of on going out to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day. Going out on this day of love seems too much like a trap for the inexperienced. You rush in to a crowded restaurant, order their prix fixe menu and miss out on the true experience of dining at that restaurant. To beat the “system,” I like to celebrate and dine out the weekend before and cook the day of at home. This way I can order what I want, get great non-rushed service and enjoy the true ambiance of the restaurant. Today, I’d like to share one of those special places that will help you do just that. Salumeria.

salumeria lobby

Tucked away on the border of Mission and Potrero on 20th and Florida St is a little gem called Salumeria. And yes, it’s the brain child of the famous flour+water. It’s definitely that classy and sophisticated neighborhood deli that also carries a phenomenal collection of cheeses, wines, other specialty items and an amazing food menu. A place you definitely want to be seen at by all your foodie friends! Walk in and you will feel that sense of je ne sais quoi that says, “relax, you’ve found the place.”


Since it is the creation of flour+water, Salumeria also does some fun things with pasta. They are currently selling pasta from flour+water’s pasta lab. They also sell pasta kits on Saturdays and Sundays (cleverly dubbed the weekend pasta project) which include fresh pasta, recipe card, pasta sauce and suggestion for wine pairing. And just in time for Valentine’s day, they are also selling pasta projects starting Wednesday.


My favorite way to experience Salumeria is simple. Order food from their menu, grab a bottle of wine, sit in their sunny patio and enjoy all that good food and drinks with the ones you love. Is there a better form of therapy? And anything you order from the menu will be amazing, so there are no wrong decisions here.


If you are looking to escape the trap of dining out on Valentine’s day or have been slacking and have made no plans for your special someone, Salumeria is your gift sent by your fairy godmother. Stop by the store to pick up the pasta kit, a bottle of wine (they even have pre-chilled whites, you’re welcome) and some delicious charcuterie. And if you STILL have not gotten your chocolates (shame on you!) and other sweets for your special someone, Salumeria has that covered to. Look at you. Once stop to Salumeria and you can fool that special someone to think you’ve been planning this day months in advance.

No matter what your situation with Valentine’s day may be, Salumeria is a true gem worth a visit. You will be hooked after your first step into their store and never look back.

Happy Valentine’s day!

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