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A couple of months before I moved out of the Marina, I purchased a hybrid bike to ride around Crissy Field and the Presidio. While I had lived in the Marina for two years, I never fully took advantage the neighborhood so jumped at the opportunity to buy an affordable bike to ride around town.

After work, I hopped on my bike and rode along Marina Blvd toward Crissy Field. It was the highlight of my day! And because it was a fun activity I truly enjoyed, it never felt like I was exercising or working out. I finally found a sport I could fully commit to for many years to come.


The view of the majestic red bridge against the blue sky coupled with the cool ocean breeze was just what the doctor ordered after a busy day at work. If I felt brave enough to bike after all the professional cyclist in their expensive bikes and high tech nylon clothing, I’d bike up the ridiculously steep hills of the Presidio with them. The view, of course, left me breathless. Not only because I was on the verge of collapsing from biking up the hill, but the view of the city from the top will steal anyone’s breath away.


If you are looking for a fun activity to do this weekend, hop on a bike and ride around Crissy Field! I think it’s the perfect activity to do with the family on Father’s Day.

Start from the entrance of Crissy Field and ride all the way down to Fort Point, which is at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. From there, look across the bay and you’ll see the city and her majestic beauty.


Have a beautiful weekend and happy Father’s Day!


- joody



Have you heard the song Rude by Magic!? I’m obsessed with this song’s groovy reggae beats and have declared it my song for the summer. It’s about a guy going to his girlfriend’s father to ask for her hand in marriage. The father says, “No.” The singer replies with, “Well, I’m gonna marry her anyway.”

I don’t know if it’s the gutsy romantic gesture or the storyline but I can’t stop singing and dancing along to this song. I adore this band already and can’t wait for their full album to come out.

Enjoy and get ready to do show off your best reggae dance moves!

- joody


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How do you escape your day-to-day routine? Sometimes I like to daydream. I’ve been daydreaming about moving to a farm. Don’t laugh. I have got quite the farming background on the old resume. Better yet, it’s in my BLOOD.

As you know, I love being outdoors. It’s hard coded into who I am. (A little programming joke for those of you tech wizards. You are welcome.) It all stems from my childhood.


My grandparents used to have a vineyard in the country. Don’t worry it wasn’t as fancy as that sentence sounds. Whenever summer break was in session, my parents would ship us out on a train to my grandparents. My aunts and uncles did the same. I guess they really wanted to get rid of us! This meant my grandparents would receive a lovely gift of 10 grandchildren every summer. All my cousins and I would spend the summers roaming the countryside like crazy hillbilly children. It was so much fun.

If we weren’t busy eating watermelon or buying bubble gum and ice cream at the corner store, we used to help our grandparents pick grapes. Because the grape trees are short, our height was quite advantageous in getting the work done. We’d pick some grapes, secretly consume about half of what we had harvested and then go swim in the lake.


I still remember the one summer night when our uncle took all of us fishing with nets. Yup, in the country we roll up our sleeves and fish with the NETS! Don’t believe me? We caught a fish the size of my arm! We proudly brought it back to my hal-muh-nee (grandma in Korean) who made a stew with it. She made other dishes with all fresh ingredients straight from her farm and it was so delicious. We scarfed down the meal like hungry litter of puppies under the big starry sky. Even my grandfather who rarely shows emotions had the biggest smile on his face when he saw the fish stew. I’ll never forget that. As the sun started to set and a chorus of frogs began their nightly performance, my grandmother pointed to the stars and taught me about constellations. Isn’t that romantic?


Yes, times have changed. Some for the better and some for the worse. It’s a blessing we don’t have to hunt down our own protein since we usually only caught little minnows and you cannot feed a pack of hungry wolves on a handful of minnows. But sadly, this means we don’t understand the beauty of knowing where your food comes from and how much better that tastes. Are we getting close to inventing a time machine so I can travel back to the summers of my childhood? If I move to a farm, will you buy my cheese, produce and other locally made products? Can I get that in writing?

What do you dream about?

- joody



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Happy Monday. How was your weekend? I’m still dreaming about the weekend and thought I’d share some photos of my recent trip to NYC to ease into the week. Let’s take a quick mind trip to NYC, shall we?

One of my favorite spots in Manhattan is Columbus Circle. Yes, it’s far too touristy. But it brings back memories of the summer I lived there, so I visit the spot every single trip. And on this trip, I was able to see Columbus Circle from a whole level. Literally.


While visiting NYC, our friend was able to get us a reservation at the Mandarin Oriental’s Lobby Lounge. Located on the 35th floor of the Mandarin Oriental, it’s supposedly almost impossible to get a reservation. All my NY friends were so excited and even compared it to “seeing a unicorn.” When a group of New Yorkers are excited, you better be excited. Fast.

The tea service was exceptional, of course. But the best part of the tea service was the view. From the 35th floor, I was able to see the Columbus Circle and Central Park! It was enchanting. The colors, the energy from the street below and realizing just high we were made me feel a million miles away from everything.

And the BEST part? It started to rain while my friends and I were drinking tea and chatting away. There we were, reconnecting and watching the rain drops fall from the sky, hit the window and gracefully slide down. Ah, it truly is the best form of therapy. Of course, I captured the moment to share it with you. Enjoy!

- Joody


(All photos by Joody)

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Annnnd we are back!


We are finally back from our summer “recess,” as I like to call it. How have you been? 

It was great to take a break but I have been itching to be back as I’ve got LOTS of updates for you. You might want to sit down for this. Okay, ready? 

1) We moved – Pop the champagne and bring out your finest caviar as we’ve MOVED! Right before we left for our vacay, I was itching to move out of my studio and the prospects looked bleak. Well, it finally happened. We moved to a bigger place in Noe. It’s such a difference from the Marina but I am loving the extra space we have. It’s finally a grown-up apartment for… grown-ups! 

2) ArubaAruba was amazing. Photos are coming, so please keep an eye out. Don’t you worry, I’ll give you a heads up right before they are posted so you can get a summer drink in your hand with an umbrella before we look at the pictures. Thank you for following along on instagram. I had so much fun sharing those photos with you! But there’s more to come. 

3) Birthday – I have turned another year older. Can’t believe it’s been a year since I wrote this post for 20’s Inc about turning 25. I have another post coming so keep an eye out. 

Have a great Thursday! 


- joody 





“Aruba, Jamaica, ooooh I wanna take ya to Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama, Key Largo, Montego, baby why don’t we go.”

Ladies and gents, drumroll please….. I’m heading out to Aruba! “Aruba, Jamaica, oooohhh I wanna take ya!” In case you couldn’t tell, I’m over the moon about my upcoming trip. And why yes, Kokomo by Beach Boys HAS been playing on repeat all morning! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make that “beach bod,” but I’m not too worried as the one piece swimsuit movement is coming back and I plan to fully support them, financially. Thank you swimsuit gods.

For those of you who have been reading my little ol’ blog for some time (thank you, as always), you might think, “hold on, wait, but you go to Cancun every summer.” Yes, you can read about it herehere and here. But this year we thought we’d try something new by visiting Aruba.

So a little info about Aruba for you. It’s actually a Dutch island in the Caribbean just 15 miles north of Venezuela. Unlike other islands in the Caribbean, Aruba sits right below the hurricane belt. This means they are pretty dry and have the most sunny days out of all the islands in the Caribbean. I’m excited to explore the beaches and the National Parks in Aruba. It’s like two vacations in one!

Have you been to Aruba? I’d love to get your tips. What did you do there? What did you see? And most importantly, what are some good spots to eat?

Have a great day!

- joody
(Photo via Oceania Cruises)

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When do you usually start planning for the weekend? I like to start on a Thursday. Yup. I sit at my desk and plan out my weekend. And looking at the list, I am definitely excited for the weekend to be here. Want to hear what’s on tap for the weekend?

One of the things I am looking forward to doing is having a breakfast / brunch with Otto. We spend time together after work, but because we are both so exhausted from work, it seems like we don’t really spend any time…together. Are you planning to do the same with your loved ones? If you are in Portland, I’ve got JUST the spot for you: Tasty & Sons.

I’ve read so many amazing reviews about this spot beforehand so went in with HIGH expectations. What happens when you go in with high expectations? Most of time, you’ll be disappointed. Crushed. But not with Tasty & Sons. I love the decor, the high ceiling, the people and the FOOD. I got the Burmese Pork Stew (because everyone recommended it) and it was phenomenal. I wanted to take that bowl to a dark alley and, well, you know the rest. I could sit at this restaurant for hours, eating through the entire menu, watching people pass by and chatting the day away with Otto.


For those of you lucky enough to be in Portland this weekend, head on over to Tasty & Sons with high expectations, a hungry belly and someone to enjoy it with.

For other eager beavers out there, what have you got planned for the weekend? I’d love to know!

- joody


(Photos all via joody + otto)

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The rain and the cold may have returned to San Francisco, but I can’t stop thinking about my spring / summer wardrobe. I’ve been on a mission to keep my closet simple, clean, understated and elegant. It’s been surprisingly hard to find pieces that qualify all the criteria.

So of course, I was excited (over the moon, actually) when I saw Emerson Fry’s newest arrival. Aren’t these looks incredible? Makes me want to sit in front of my laptop in my PJs with a cup of hot chocolate and browse through their goodies all day long. Join me, won’t you?



- joody


(Photos all via the amazing emerson fry)

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How was your weekend? Mine was perfect. I really squeezed every last drop from this weekend. We spent time running errands, of course, but also went to Crissy Field. The sun was out, the breeze from the ocean was delightful and everyone was so happy and relaxed.

We did our fair share of eating, of course. We headed out to the Mission for some freshly baked bread from Tartine Bakery and also stopped by Bi-Rite Market. Have you seen their flowers lately? The pops of bright colors definitely shouted “summer is coming” in my ears. Take a look!

Have a great Monday.

- Joody

(All photos via joody)


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