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“Aruba, Jamaica, ooooh I wanna take ya to Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama, Key Largo, Montego, baby why don’t we go.”

Ladies and gents, drumroll please….. I’m heading out to Aruba! “Aruba, Jamaica, oooohhh I wanna take ya!” In case you couldn’t tell, I’m over the moon about my upcoming trip. And why yes, Kokomo by Beach Boys HAS been playing on repeat all morning! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make that “beach bod,” but I’m not too worried as the one piece swimsuit movement is coming back and I plan to fully support them, financially. Thank you swimsuit gods.

For those of you who have been reading my little ol’ blog for some time (thank you, as always), you might think, “hold on, wait, but you go to Cancun every summer.” Yes, you can read about it herehere and here. But this year we thought we’d try something new by visiting Aruba.

So a little info about Aruba for you. It’s actually a Dutch island in the Caribbean just 15 miles north of Venezuela. Unlike other islands in the Caribbean, Aruba sits right below the hurricane belt. This means they are pretty dry and have the most sunny days out of all the islands in the Caribbean. I’m excited to explore the beaches and the National Parks in Aruba. It’s like two vacations in one!

Have you been to Aruba? I’d love to get your tips. What did you do there? What did you see? And most importantly, what are some good spots to eat?

Have a great day!

- joody
(Photo via Oceania Cruises)

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When do you usually start planning for the weekend? I like to start on a Thursday. Yup. I sit at my desk and plan out my weekend. And looking at the list, I am definitely excited for the weekend to be here. Want to hear what’s on tap for the weekend?

One of the things I am looking forward to doing is having a breakfast / brunch with Otto. We spend time together after work, but because we are both so exhausted from work, it seems like we don’t really spend any time…together. Are you planning to do the same with your loved ones? If you are in Portland, I’ve got JUST the spot for you: Tasty & Sons.

I’ve read so many amazing reviews about this spot beforehand so went in with HIGH expectations. What happens when you go in with high expectations? Most of time, you’ll be disappointed. Crushed. But not with Tasty & Sons. I love the decor, the high ceiling, the people and the FOOD. I got the Burmese Pork Stew (because everyone recommended it) and it was phenomenal. I wanted to take that bowl to a dark alley and, well, you know the rest. I could sit at this restaurant for hours, eating through the entire menu, watching people pass by and chatting the day away with Otto.


For those of you lucky enough to be in Portland this weekend, head on over to Tasty & Sons with high expectations, a hungry belly and someone to enjoy it with.

For other eager beavers out there, what have you got planned for the weekend? I’d love to know!

- joody


(Photos all via joody + otto)

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The rain and the cold may have returned to San Francisco, but I can’t stop thinking about my spring / summer wardrobe. I’ve been on a mission to keep my closet simple, clean, understated and elegant. It’s been surprisingly hard to find pieces that qualify all the criteria.

So of course, I was excited (over the moon, actually) when I saw Emerson Fry’s newest arrival. Aren’t these looks incredible? Makes me want to sit in front of my laptop in my PJs with a cup of hot chocolate and browse through their goodies all day long. Join me, won’t you?



- joody


(Photos all via the amazing emerson fry)

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How was your weekend? Mine was perfect. I really squeezed every last drop from this weekend. We spent time running errands, of course, but also went to Crissy Field. The sun was out, the breeze from the ocean was delightful and everyone was so happy and relaxed.

We did our fair share of eating, of course. We headed out to the Mission for some freshly baked bread from Tartine Bakery and also stopped by Bi-Rite Market. Have you seen their flowers lately? The pops of bright colors definitely shouted “summer is coming” in my ears. Take a look!

Have a great Monday.

- Joody

(All photos via joody)




Do you ever feel that your soul or spirit is just tired? It’s been beaten up and bruised here and there with the stress of everyday life and now crying out for a moment to recharge. Whenever I get that feeling, I head out to nature. And this time, I headed out to The Allison with Otto.

Located in Oregon Wine Country’s Willamette Valley, this resort is a perfect destination for a spiritual getaway. With 35 hillside acres, it wasn’t hard to feel connected with the world and be present in the moment. Although our stay at the resort was just too short, I left the hotel feeling recharged, relaxed and ready to take on my next challenge.




(Photos all by otto + joody)




Ahhh, the glorious weekend is upon us. What are your plans for the weekend? I’m still thinking about my rent situation and itching to move. But you know how I feel about this. So this weekend, I’m going to re-examine my apartment and find ways to improve what I’ve got. Play up my studio’s best assets, as she’s got LOTS of them.

This whole “huzzah, let’s organize!” came after seeing Jacqueline Rousseau‘s gorgeous studio from Apartment Therapy. Apartment Therapy is an amazing gold mine full of great ideas / tips when it comes to decorating and organizing. I love all the house tours they do, but Jacqueline’s West Village studio is simply the best. Look at the photos!!! I’d be so happy to come home to this gem.


Her studio encompasses the look I want to execute in my own apartment: bright, simple, clean and minimalistic. I love it so much I almost want to get rid of my TV, gigantic couch and dresser that I’ve never had the nerve to exile.


And I love how well she tackled her kitchen. Super clean, organized and uncluttered. I am still unsure how to decorate my oddly shaped kitchen. Like an awkward teenager who has not yet blossomed, my kitchen is just a room with no personality but showing so much potential. Thank you Apartment Therapy and Jacqueline for inspiring me to give my kitchen a personality.

Well Container Store, Ikea and Target, here I come. Hope you are all fully stocked as I am ready to buy the entire store! Anyone else doing some spring cleaning and reorganizing?

Have a great weekend you beautiful souls!

- joody

(Photos are all via the amazing Apartment Therapy. Can never get enough of them!)

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I heard a really good advice yesterday while visiting my account rep over at Facebook. She told me that when I look for a place to move, I should find a place that’s the max of what I can pay. I hate using emoticons, but my face was (o.0) when she told me that. Why on earth would I want to feel broke after I pay my rent? It’s not like I JUST got out of school and don’t know any better. But her logic made perfect sense. Read on, my friends.

Many of the apartments in San Francisco are rent controlled. So that means it won’t increase year after year. But you know what will increase year over year? Your salary. That’s right. Because you are all fabulous, smart, intelligent and driven individuals, your salary will increase every year. Yes, the first year in your amazingly gorgeous pad will be pure torture. But it’ll get better and better every year and you’ll actually have a home you can grow into!


I’m currently stuck in a lovely studio apartment in the Marina that I rented when I first moved to SF many moons ago. It’s rent controlled and now pretty darn affordable. But now that I am getting older, the grown-up me needs a grown-up apartment, not a little studio.

So what’s keeping me from moving? Well, the fact that I hate moving, my rent is cheap and given the astronomically foolish rent prices in SF, I’d rather stay put. Does anyone have any leads on apartments that’ll come open in SF soon?


So for now, I keep trying to maximize the small space I have and learn how to live with a few things. If that doesn’t work, I spend countless hours on Pinterest decorating my imaginary dream home.

How about you? What’s the best advice you’ve received on renting / finding your apartment?

- joody

(1st photo source | 2nd photo source | 3rd photo source)

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How are you adjusting to Daylight Saving? I think I’m just about done getting used to the fact that we lost a precious hour of sleep. But I do love how sunny it is when I head home from work. It feels like I’m back in elementary school and I’ve fooled our nurse into thinking I was sick and got excused from school.

So how does one spend these precious hours of extra sunlight wisely? Well, many ways. But if I were back in Portland, I’d probably head out to the Japanese Garden.

Visiting the Japanese Garden during our Portland trip was a happy coincidence. Otto and I originally planned to go to a waterfall but heavy rain fall the night before caused a landslide which blocked the road. We took this as a sign from the above and decided to head to the Japanese Garden. And I’m so glad we did.

Portland’s Japanese Garden is proclaimed to be the most authentic Japanese garden outside of Japan. I’m definitely not surprised as it was so much more impressive than the one here in San Francisco. They say upon entering the garden, one should feel a sense of “peace, harmony and tranquility.” And the garden definitely fulfills those senses. Wandering through the garden was more relaxing and detoxifying than an hour long massage or a week long juice cleanse.

The garden is composed of five gardens: flat, strolling pond, tea, natural and sand and stone. My favorite was the Flat Garden which was right in front of the Pavilion. I am a little biased as I enjoy seeing traditional Asian architecture as it reminds me of the homes I visited when I lived in Korea. The clean and simple lines of the Pavilion was in perfect harmony to the peaceful serenity of the garden.

I also heard the view from the top of the garden is supposed to be captivating. We weren’t able to enjoy it due to the rain clouds, which is one of the reasons why I’d love to head back on a sunny day.

If you are in Portland and need to seek some peace and quiet, I definitely recommend a trip out to the Japanese Garden.

What are some of your secret spots to escape to where you live? Any favorite spots in San Francisco?

- joody

(Photos all by joody + otto)

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How’s your Monday going? I used the bulk of my morning catching up on emails from the weekend and reading all these “self-help” articles. Yes, my Monday morning routine. I’m sure you’ve read a fair share of these articles promising to share some insightful secrets supposedly only a few successful people know. Here are some of the titles: 10 things effective people do differently, 7 things happy people do, 5 things successful people do in the morning and so on.

If you read these articles like I do, I’m sure you are familiar with the disappointment they bring. You start eagerly reading the article for some big “aha!” moments. Only to reach the end and think, “that was a waste of my time.” There’s nothing insightful! Perhaps one of the 10 things effective people do differently is NOT reading these articles and wasting time. Huh, imagine that!

Well, I still continue to read these articles as I do find some great ones. Like this one from Mashable on inspiring creativity using your five senses. I know, it has “time waster” written all over it. But it was actually a great article. Like this great nugget of info about why painting your office blue will help you be more creative:


Pretty cool, huh? Thank you Mashable for sharing an article actually worth reading! Hop over and read the rest of the article!

Have a great week.

- joody

(1st image via tumblr / 2nd image via mashable)


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