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I have set a new routine! Before Otto and I go to bed, we write in our One Line A Day journal. My co-worker told me about this and I am so in love. You write down a couple things to note that happened that day for five years. So next year, I can see exactly what we were doing, what we were thinking and also see some fun patterns.


We started this journal right before Otto and I flew out to Charleston for the wedding we attended. I can’t wait for next year to roll around, so we can relive the week again. I think this makes an AMAZING gift for anyone embarking on a new life journey, such as graduating from school, getting married, having a baby or even moving into a new house.


How about you? Do you keep a journal?

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boone_plantations_charlestonOtto and I just got back from our trip out to Charleston for a wedding! It was the wedding of my previous boss (now a great mentor / friend) and his partner. They had their civil ceremony last Christmas Eve and decided to have the official ceremony this weekend. We have been counting down to this weekend since beginning of the year. We felt so grateful and honored to be a part of this special ceremony. We enjoyed the gorgeous city and the amazing food they had to offer.

A full post is coming, but I could not wait to share some highlights of our trip.

boone_plantations_charleston_mansionWe started out our trip with a visit to Boone Hall Plantation. Boone Hall Plantation is the oldest working plantation, full of history and stories. The weekend we visited, Boone Hall was preparing for the Civil War re-enactment! So we got to see some cannons and folks pitching their tent. I felt like I jumped back in time.

We also took FULL advantage of all the amazing food the city had to offer. We dined at The Ordinary and Husk while we were there.

husk_charlestonWe also walked through the Charleston City Market. Located across four blocks, this National Historic Landmark used to be  where plantations sold their meat and produce. We got to walk through the whole market and check out the products vendors were selling.


charleston_city_market_2Now let’s get to some wedding details! The wedding took place at The Cottages on Charleston Harbor, which is also where we stayed. The two grooms outdid themselves and showered us with only the finest. Just look what an amazing job they did with their welcome amenities!!

the_cottages_on_charleston_harborThe Cottages were so peaceful. We loved sitting on the rocking chairs in the patio and watching the sunset. We even caught a glimpse of the perfect couple taking some photos during the sunset.

the_cottages_on_charleston_harbor_sunsetIt’s hard to believe the week already flew by and we made our way back home. I’ll forever treasure the memories of the city and the wedding of one of the greatest people I know! It truly was a perfect week full of love, tears of joy and laughter. Congrats again on your wedding R+T!!

the_cottages_on_charleston_harbor_patioHave you been to Charleston? What are some of your favorite spots?

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On our way up to Mendocino, we stopped by Healdsburg as Otto wanted to show me this place called Shed. It’s located in downtown Healdsburg and one of the BEST stores I’ve ever been to. Imagine Dean & Delucca meets William Sonoma. They sell everything from dishes, spices to wine, charcuterie and even gardening tools. If you are ever in the area, it’s DEFINITELY worth a visit!

Here are some photos of this amazing store.

What’s your favorite store where you live?

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If you could change ONE thing about your body, what would it be? This heart-warming video asks adults and kids the same question. All the adults had something negative to say about their body but when kids were asked the question, they had something different to say.  The kids replied with “I like my body the way it is” and “I want a mermaid tail.” Isn’t it charming?

I haven’t been feeling oh-so-fabulous recently and this video helped me focus on what matters. Who knew, kids are a lot smarter than we give them credit for.

What do you think?

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Fall is not complete without a trip to an apple farm! While we did not pick any apples this year, we did stop by to pick up some delicious apples.

On our drive back to the city from Mendocino, we stopped by the famous Philo Apple Farm. We almost missed the farm as we expected to see a sign that called out Philo Apple Farm. Instead it is lovingly called, “The Apple Farm.” They had so many different types of apples that I had never heard of before. It was fun to taste all of the apples and learn a little bit about the apple’s history.

The cool thing I didn’t know about Philo Apple Farm (or The Apple Farm) was that you could actually stay on their property. You can rent a little cottage and enjoy the quiet life that’s available on the farm. Can you imagine waking up to this gorgeous view?!

My brother and I are thinking about taking our parents up north for the holiday and think this might be a cool spot for us to spend the holidays together.

Oh, did I mention they also have two adorable dogs on the farm who LOVE a good rub?

Hop on over to Phil Apple Farm’s website to learn a little more about their vision, farming philosophy and the cottages!



A couple of weeks ago, Otto and I took a trip up to Mendocino (stayed at the amazing Glendeven Inn) to celebrate our anniversary. It was our first time heading up there so thought I’d share some photos of what we did during our weekend getaway.

After enjoying our breakfast from Glendeven, we headed out to see the Mendocino Headlands. It was a stormy day which made the waves much more dramatic. Can you see how strong the waves were as they crash onto the rocks?


The Headlands is located right next to Downtown Mendocino, so we spent some time down there as well. Unlike other beach town’s Main Streets, this felt much more homier and cozier.


After walking around Main Street, we continued on our trip to Fort Bragg. Our B&B concierge recommended visiting the Botanical Garden, but due to time constraints we ended up heading straight to Glass Beach. The story behind Glass Beach is pretty interesting. Years ago, people were dumping their garbage (glasses amongst other things) over the cliffs. This was put to an end in 1967 and clean up started. With years of ocean waves crashing, the glasses were broken down and smoothed out covering the beach. And yes, that’s how the beach gets it’s name!



It was pretty incredible that trash could be transformed into something so beautiful. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! The view from the beach was quiet spectacular as well.


Have you been up to Mendocino? If so, what are some of your favorite spots?

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Have a great weekend + Friday links!


Halloween weekend is upon us! Are you excited? I, and the rest of our team, dressed up as minions. SO. MUCH. FUN! Here are some fun links that caught my eye this week. Have a great weekend!

- Motivating desktop wallpaper to download for free

- My new favorite soup recipe. It’s SO easy to make and super quick.

- Did you know Harry Potter (aka Daniel Radcliffe) was a fabulous rapper?! I’m blown away!

- A funny video of what it’s like to run into your ex.

- Cup of Jo’s heartwarming post about motherhood.

- Jcrew is having a sale. Get 30% off sale products and 25% off regular items with code STYLETREAT. It ends tonight, so I’d hurry on over if I were you!

- I’m still dreaming about Otto and my trip to Mendocino. Missing the llamas.

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What’s your reading ritual? Do you read an actual copy of a book or do you read on your ipad? I know it’s such an easy question but this has consumed my life. I have been reading a lot recently and have been wondering if I should get an e-book or the physical copy of the book. I LOVE having the physical copy of the book in my hand and think I understand the book so much better. But I do love that no matter how many books I have in my ipad, it will always weigh the same. Oh, and did I mention that e-books are cheaper?

My “solution” came while I was was reading Amy Poehler’s new book, Yes Please. She described the immense pressure of writing a book, as books are something people will have in their house and read over and over again for years to come. After I read that, I thought, “EUREKA! I’ll just buy physical copies of books I want to keep for years to come and e-version of books I only want to read once.”

How about you? What’s been your solution?


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Alrighty ladies and gentlemen, it’s time I let you in on a little milestone Otto and I celebrated last week. Last Monday, Otto and I celebrated our THIRD year anniversary! I can’t believe it’s already been three years.


So, how did we celebrate this milestone? Otto actually surprised me with a trip up to Mendocino! For those of you unfamiliar with California, it’s three hours drive up north from San Francisco. So yes, you pass Napa, Sonoma and even Healdsburg. It’s wayyyyy up there. But the drive (if you ever do decide to do it) is amazing!


So, a little detail on the drive. We drove up Friday afternoon, so by the time we got closer to our final destination, the sun already set. So that meant driving through the mountain in the complete darkness, using our high beam and singing along to fun songs to keep each other awake. It was one of those drives where I was afraid a wild animal would pop out. After our drive, we arrived at our destination, an adorable bed & breakfast called Glendeven. Here’s our review of Glendeven.


Glendeven is “an ocean view farmstead inn.” It is quiet, serene and low-key. It has served as a blissful retreat for some famous folks. Oh, you know, Bill and Hillary Clinton and Jane Lynch just to name a few. The best part is, they have llamas (!!!) on their property! Okay, let me tell you all the amazing things about this property as we go. Let’s dive in.


The view from our room was breathtaking. Because we drove through the dark, we couldn’t see the surroundings. So when we woke up the next morning, we were shocked and amazed to see just how gorgeous it was. I could see the ocean from our patio, hear the waves crashing and see the llamas roaming the property. Heaven! Here’s a shot of the gorgeous surrounding from the bed:


At 8:00am every morning, they serve a delicious breakfast. It includes fresh eggs (from their hen), freshly squeezed oj (my favorite!), fruit and pastry. It’s accompanied by tea and coffee. After our stay at Glendeven, Otto and I are HOOKED on fresh eggs. In fact, we are going to look for some this weekend at the Alemany Farmers’ Market.


They have seven llamas on their property as well as chickens. We were able to get surprisingly close to the llamas and had so much fun feeding the chickens:






They also have their own garden and bee hives on the property as well.



Another gem of this b&b was the trail that’s just right across the street. We walked through the forest on a dewy morning and was able to walk to the ocean. It was breathtaking!


Before we left, we wrote in the black leather notebook where all the previous guests wrote in. It was sweet to read about all the people who have stayed at the room before and saw that many were repeat guests. We wrote our entry (not photographed) but I am romanticizing that we’d be back again and pull up this old journal entry and talk about what our lives were like back then and how much things have changed.


It was so hard to leave and I am daydreaming about buying a cabin out there to go visit every weekend. One can dream! Thank you Glendeven for an incredible weekend!

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The weekend is here! Do you have big plans?

Here are some links that caught my eye this week:

- A charming and heartwarming New York Times article about what you learn when you turn 40.

- This article sharing photo the moment she / he said yes to the proposal. It’s so sweet!

- Men trying women’s sexy Halloween costumes and realized how ridiculous it is.

- Finally got my book, Being Mortal and so excited to read this over the weekend!

- What happens when a group of second graders are treated to a $220 tasting menu at Daniel.


Have a lovely weekend!




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